1.0   General

SGD 3D Limited shall charge for work at prices stated on our hourly rate, correct at the time of the order (as stated on the quotation) unless agreed otherwise in writing before the work starts. All prices quoted are assumed to be exclusive of delivery charges and VAT.

2.0   Quotations

SGD 3D Limited will quote prices and estimate delivery times for any job
upon request.

2.1   Quotes and delivery estimates are provided subject to sight of final brief.

2.2   Customers are urged to check specifications and conditions in any quote. All additional work, requested outside of the original brief and provided quote shall be chargeable at our standard daily rate. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.3      Quotes are checked for accuracy. However SGD 3D Limited reserves the right to decline work if an error occurred in the quote.

2.4   A copy of the acceptance of quotation (if provided) must be returned signed and dated before the commencement of any work can begin. This will be accepted as indication that these terms & conditions have been read and agreed to.

3.0   Lead Times

Parts are generally quoted at lead times of 1 to 3 working days per item, where in some instances this may take longer due to higher resolutions and bigger build volumes. 

SGD 3D Limited will do it’s best endeavours to achieve the lead times stated upon confirmation of delivery and is not liable for any costs, damages or loss of profits due to production delays.

3.1   Project Deadlines

Any deadlines for projects must be stated in the notes section when placing an order. SGD 3D Limited will do its best endeavours to achieve this date provided and will confirm an expected shipping date upon request. However, SGD 3D Limited is not liable for any costs, damages or loss of profits due to production delays.

4.0   Damages

SGD 3D Limited  is not responsible for any goods damaged in transit or through product use. All liability lies with the end user and they should seek the appropriate insurance with the courier directly using the details provided by email from SGD 3D Limited.

5.0.  Quality

SGD 3D Limited will do its best endeavours to ensure a consistent surface quality / colour for all parts. Layer lines will be visible, no matter what quality selected on checkout. 

We strongly recommend post-processing for all of our prints (not-included).

6.0.  Returns & Refunds

SGD 3D Limited does not offer refunds or returns on any products. All liability remains with the customer / end user. 

6.1.  Reprinting

Customers who feel their parts do not meet their expectations are entitled to apply for a reprint.

Applications for a reprint must be sent to sales@sgd3d.co.uk within 3 working days upon receipt of goods. If successful, customers will be invited to return goods (at their own expense) for further inspection.

Items will be inspected within 5 working days, if successful will be reprinted once and dispatched via our standard shipping option. 

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